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How to Improve Your Conversation Skills

by Bobby Rio on December 14, 2009

This is a special podcast created to you improve your conversations with women.  Conversations are the highest leverage skill you can learn, and this podcast aims to help you know what to say, how to keep a conversation going, build rapport, and create attraction in the woman you’re talking to.

This podcast was designed specifically for all of you who struggle talking to women.

In this 60 minute podcast you’re going to learn:

  • The biggest conversation mistakes men make
  • How to quickly establish rapport
  • How to keep a conversation going
  • Why most guys struggle with their conversation skills
  • And more…

I also recommend heading over to Make Small Talk Sexy and grabbing a free copy of the Small Talk Tactics Report.



Understanding Women W/ Scot Mckay

by Bobby Rio on December 1, 2009

Getting Inside the Female Mind

Scot Mckay joins me once again for another podcast.  We tackle a different subject this time and talk about “what women want.”  We dig deep into female psychology and try to put ourselves in their shoes.  Scot and I discuss all of the mistakes men make simply because they can’t empathize with women.

Not only do we discuss how to better understand women… we also give practical tips for connecting with, and attracting more women… and keeping the ones you have.

In this interview you’re going to learn:

  • What women really want from men
  • How to keep a woman attracted to you
  • How to use your natural ‘manliness’ to turn a woman on
  • Mistakes men make when relating to women
  • and much more

I also recommend checking out Scot’s new program Chick Whisper.  Scot really understands women and this program breaks down all of this knowledge he’s attained over the years.


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Changing Beliefs Through NLP

This interview features Tim Tarango and Race de Preist from Social Rockstar.  Tim, a certied NLP practioneer, and Race is the author of the classic ebook, Window Shopping for Women…

They share some some deep NLP strategies for changing inner limiting beliefs, changing your state, and creating empowering frames with women.  They all show you how to practically apply this stuff towards helping to you build a social circle.

In this 50 minute interview you’re going to learn:

  • What prevents most guys from achieving success… how to quickly uncover and eliminate this problem
  • How to change your state… and get in the zone… within seconds…
  • How to model successful people to get the same results
  • How to expand your social circle…
  • Here’s an easy to apply 4 step plan for success…

If you have any deep rooted limiting beliefs holding you back… you’re going to really enjoy this article.  Tim and Race also put together a very special FREE video coaching program for listeners of this interview.  You can get the entire program at SocialRockstar.TV/tsb


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The Art of Approaching Women w/ Joseph Mathews

by Bobby Rio on November 9, 2009

How to Approach Women

This interview features Joseph Mathews (Thundercat), who is the author of The Art of Approaching.  Joseph has been a staple of the pick up artist community for awhile now, and had a lot of insights to share.

Joseph shares his story of the early days in the community, all the way up through what he is currently doing.  And anyone who knows Joseph knows he loves spilling the dirt on the seduction community and all its many gurus.

In this 80 minute interview you’re going to learn:

  • The truth behind his feud with Ross Jeffries
  • Behind the scenes stories of your favorite puas
  • The phrase that turned his game around
  • The truth behind “looks don’t matter”
  • Tips for approaching women
  • How to spot the woman who are likely to want to talk to you…and avoid the women who aren’t
  • The signals to look for to tell if a woman is interested in you
  • The best places outside of bars and clubs to meet women
  • A brand new opinion opener
  • And much more…

If you’re familiar with the seduction community you are going to love this behind the scenes look at the gurs… and you’ll learn a bunch of good advice from a guy that has been around the block.



Secrets of Same Night Lays w/ Nick Quick

by Bobby Rio on October 15, 2009

How to Get a Same Night Lay

The topic of scoring a same night lay has always been fascinating to me.  It has always seemed that some guys were just naturally better at pulling girls back to their place than others. This is why I jumped at the chance to interview Nick Quick, of Same Night Seduction.

Nick is quickly becoming known for his extraordinary ability to get a girl to follow him back to his place for a night sex.

In this 60 minute interview with Nick Quick you are going to learn:

  • The biggest obstacles preventing men from achieving same night lays
  • Some of the limited mental beliefs men have about SNLs
  • 5 Logistical questions to scan for candidates
  • The best question to tell if a girl is open to getting it on later…
  • How build and maintain sexual tension throughout a conversation
  • An opener that immediately brings a sexual frame into the interaction
  • One phrase that will instantly introduce a sexual dynamic
  • The subtle things guys do to self sabotage their chances
  • and much much more

During the interview I promised a special link where you can pick up a ton of bonuses for trying any of Nick’s products.  You can find all the information on the special give away here.


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