Small Social Circle Game (part 2) Small Social Circle Game (part 2)

Small Social Circle Game (part 2)

by Bobby Rio on June 23, 2008

How to Game Your Social Cirlce

This is the second part of our Small Social Circle Game podcast.  In the first podcast we talked about some general rules for gaming in your social circle.  In this podcast we go into more details.

Social circle game has always been my favorite type of game.  I’ve written extensively about it in the Social Intelligence Manuscript.  If you can build a social scene, and then dominate it, you’ll constantly be able to hook up with new women.

We discuss how to use Myspace and Facebook to your advantage when dealing with chicks.  We also talk about creating inside jokes between yourself and girls to build rapport.

In this radio show you’re going to learn:

  • How to meet girls off Facebook
  • How to meet girls off Myspace
  • How to build rapport with women
  • Tricks for keeping girls interested
  • How to be the life of the party

As I said, building a social circle is not only fun… it is also a great way to meet women.  I suggest downloading a free copy of the Social Manuscript.

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