Text Flirting 101 Text Flirting 101

Text Flirting 101

Text Flirting

The Power of Text Flirting

For lots of men text flirting is a problem. They just don’t know how to do it right or what are the possible methods of flirting, so they fail it every time. Well, one on of possible methods of flirting, that can lead to strong relationship is text flirting. But in order to be a professional in your texts, you should know what are the mistakes and rules text flirting.

But let’s first highlight main purposes of text flirting:

1) Men do it in order to keep the woman interested and thinking about them.

2) It is a good start for getting closer to each other.

3) This is method of support of the fire in a relationship.

Mistakes in text flirting:

#1. When you write a message, make sure that it’s not boring. You messages must differ somehow from all those same kind of boring messages that all the guys send to girls when they fall in love.

#2. Texting girls to often is not a good thing. You will be annoying, or at least predictable. The girl will know, that in a short time she will receive a message from you again.

#3. Text flirting – is not a way of getting to know each other closer. It’s text flirting, that’s it. Don’t attempt to bear long conversations though messages. The girl will think that you are not brave enough to have a face to face converstion.

When you use this method, you must always remember, that even if you are not a hot guy, you must present yourself as one. Girls love through their ears. So stop writing boring messages like “what’s up”… Show her in every message little by little of your fun personality…and always leave her with a desire to know more.

Three rules of text flirting.

1. Message Is to be interesting to read. If it has no value, then why would a girl answer it back? Try those messages, that don’t push her to answer, but still give her desire to answer you…Something like: “ I saw something that reminded me you, so I just wanted to say hi”.

2. Try to not write long messages, because kill the interest of a girl. You become very predictable. In every message she is supposed to want a continual story… Vogue, intrigue, a little bit of carelessness – this is what your messages should be like. There is no better way to get a woman, when you start using her arms against her.  And flirt, get her laughing, tease her. This is what makes text messaging to remain an excitement for both of you.

3. Give her a short movie trailer, so that she would want to see the rest of it. Be like this trailer, never open yourself till the end, because, right at that time you will become boring to her.

So knowing all that from the about text flirting, have enough wisdom to use it and use text flirting as an instrument of keeping your relationship on fire. Don’t overuse it as well.

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