Get Free PUA Openers Ebook Get Free PUA Openers Ebook

Get Free PUA Openers Ebook

177 Proven and Effective PUA Openers

All New Collection of Pickup Artist Openers– Just compiled August 2009

littleblackbook_binder-copy“I’m handing you my collection of 177 tested, proven, and effective pickup artist openers.  These pua openers were created by the world’s best pickup artists and dating coaches.  Each one of the openers contained in this free ebook have been shown to easily break the ice with women, make sure you always have something to say to women, and instantly give you the opportunity to build rapport and create attraction.

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This collection of pua openers and pickup lines will fill you with self confidence and show you how to talk to girls.  These openers work like magic in any situation.  Your confidence will explode, as you’ll have the tools to make sure you ALWAYS have something to talk about with women.  These openers have been proven to open sets, make day game easier, and help you build intense attraction with beautiful women.  And I guarantee that they will do the same for you.

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This collection of openers will make it so much easier to approach women, attract women, and seduce women.  It is a well-known fact that women make up their minds about you the minute you open your mouth.  So doesn’t it make sense to be prepared with good pua openers that will make breaking the ice easier?

This collection of 177 PUA Openers contains:

  • Day Game Openers
  • Bar/Club Openers
  • Coffee Shop Openers
  • College Campus Openers
  • Mixed Set Openers
  • Direct Openers
  • Opinion Openers
  • Gym Openers
  • Shocker Openers
  • Holiday Specific Openers
  • Sexual Openers
  • Natural Game Openers

Most guys display an obvious lack of social awareness with the first words that come out of their mouth. Most men say something that put the woman on the spot, draw attention to the awkwardness of the situation, or force the woman to make an immediate decision as to whether or not he is right for her.

A socially intelligent man will:

  • Begin a conversation in a way that is friendly and non threatening
  • Skillfully introduce topics that quickly build rapport
  • Talk in a way that shows that he is of high value
  • Never give the impression that he is trying to impress her
  • Never give the impression that he is intimated by her

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