How to Manage Your Relationships w/Nick Savoy How to Manage Your Relationships w/Nick Savoy

How to Manage Your Relationships w/Nick Savoy

by Bobby Rio on January 21, 2009

Relationship Management 101

This is an interview we did with master pickup artist and Love System’s CEO Nick Savoy.  Nick is the author of the famous book, Magic Bullets.  We discussed the concept of managing your relationships with women.

We talk about some of the problems men make in relationships, how spot quality women, how to have a threeesome, and more.  Nick has really taken the act of relationship management to an art form.

In this 40 minute interview you’re going to learn:

  • The biggest mistakes guys make at the beginning of a relationship
  • Why some guys ruin perfectly good “fuck buddies” by treating the girl like a girlfriend
  • Are you sending girlfriend signals to a girl you just want to have fun with
  • How can a guy tell if a woman is relationship material?
  • How to tell if a woman is likely to cheat
  • Why you need to map out the course of your relationship right from the beginning
  • When to drop the game, and just be real
  • The differences between dating 9’s and 10s and 6’s or 7s
  • How to handle yourself when your girl is trying to make you jealous
  • Can you introduce a threesome into a high commitment relationships
  • The best phrase for convincing your girlfriend to have a threesome
  • Tips for keeping a relationship interesting
  • How to tell when a relationship is over

Even if you’re not currently in a relationship you need to listen to this interview.  Not doing so can cause you years of bullshit in a mismanaged relationship.

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